The beautiful and amazing Sipadan is one of the most if not the most beautiful diving place on earth. It is also a dangerous place to dive because may be side, down and up; stream may be at risk getting to be dangerous. However, when you begin to consider is the weather for what there is to see and feel.


Japan is so different from the European culture in several ways but so alike in others. Well you travel around, there are few who speak English but has a large cultural impact.

About me

How is Andreas.

My name is Andreas I am 17 years old and right now, I am on Wims education. There are some who will say that you should just give up but I have learned that you should not just give it up if you are under pressure.


Yeah, I have my dyslexia but! It make me just better at other things and more focused when I need to focus 110 percent on some letters among other things, what you are reading right now, but it just makes me more a taste of everything to be done I say this toward you I am been fired first today because of it.


I have a cultural background inside of Ballet, Opera and tattere plays when I have grown up with it. I have intreasse in seeing a show just like watching a movie it is unfortunately not many who go there any longer. I think the person wonder it's sad because it is an industry that is about to die